Managing people can be stressful! Here are some helpful tips to help you effectively manage your employees.

Fluctuating Labor Demands Can Put You at Risk in These Key Areas

One of the unique features of the construction industry is the fluctuating labor demands. The Monthly Labor Review identifies a range of factors responsible for this phenomenon, such as seasonal...

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The Ins Outs of the Family Medical Leave Act for California Businesses

A survey by the U.S. Department of Labor reveals that most employees are seeking leave requests on the basis of the Family Medical Leave Act, FMLA, (1993). Most of these employees (55 percent)...

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What Northern California Employers Need To Know Going Into 2017

2016 was quite the roller coaster for Northern California business owners, as you know.

There were employment law changes, tax alterations, and everything mixed into the puddle of the recovering...

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What Assembly Bill 1245 Means For Your Company In 2017

As a business owner, compliance is your top priority.

So, it should be no surprise that when 2017 rolls in, you will have a few items to add to your compliance checklist. Most importantly, you...

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How To Prepare For HOT Summer Temperatures

Employers are advised to prepare for HOT summer temperatures.  


With the hot summer months ahead, employers with an outdoor workforce will want to have a clear plan to prevent heat illness. ...

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How An Employment Agency Can Help With Payroll

Payroll. When you hear that word, what do you think of? Your bottom line diminishing? Paperwork? Laws?

There’s a lot that goes into payroll and it can feel overwhelming, especially for a small...

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California Overtime Laws

What employer likes paying overtime? Most try to avoid it. But did you know that regardless of whether you authorized your employee to work overtime, if they do, you have to pay it? Frustrating,...

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California Payday Laws

Did you know there are laws about what day you pay your employees? Yep, you guessed it, there’s a law for just about everything when it comes to your employees. Payroll laws involve a lot more...

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How To Calculate Payroll Tax

Once you know what payroll taxes are, you can begin to calculate just how much you owe for each employee. Different states have different laws for state income tax and state unemployment tax....

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How Can I Reduce My Payroll Tax?

You’ve learned all about what payroll taxes are and how to calculate payroll taxes, but what about reducing them? Have you ever asked yourself, how can I reduce my payroll tax? Is it even...

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