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Demystifying California Overtime Laws: What Are the Rules?

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 24, 2019 7:03:00 AM / by Michelle Nystrom posted in Maximizing Your Job, Managing Employees, Payroll, Management

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California Overtime Law Defined

Labor laws define overtime as work done in excess of the standard eight hour day or the standard 40 hour week. Employees are entitled to earn additional compensation on top of their hourly wage for the hours that they've worked past the standard work day or work week. However, every state has different overtime laws that include exemptions, exceptions, and penalties. Both employers and employees need to be familiar with the overtime laws in California so that they know what to expect in terms of payments--and so employers avoid making costly mistakes. This article presents a detailed guide into the overtime laws in the state of California.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Job

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 21, 2016 8:00:00 AM / by Michelle Nystrom posted in Maximizing Your Job

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You go to work everyday. You clock in. You work hard. You clock out. You pick up your paycheck after 2 weeks of work and the whole routine starts again. But what if it could be more exciting than that? You spend 50% of your waking hours at work each week. People with different backgrounds, skills, dreams and goals surround you. What if you started to look at work differently? What could you learn? How could you grow? What if it impressed your boss?

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