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Michelle Nystrom

Why Work In Redding, California

Is it time to change careers? It is not only important to decide what you are going to do for work, it is also important to determine where you will work. Making the right decision in this regard is not only going to benefit you in your work life, it can have a positive impact on your home life as well. When it comes to choosing where you will work, the old axiom would certainly apply, "The world is your oyster." If you have your heart set on the beauty and benefits of northern California, however, don't overlook the possibility of working in Redding. Once you learn the reasons why this area is so attractive, your decision will practically be made for you.


why work in redding, california?

Redding, California is located in Shasta County in the northern part of the state. It is a great place to settle in and raise a family, as it offers the benefits of a California lifestyle but it is far enough away from the city to provide a relaxed atmosphere. The weather in the area is what many people consider to be ideal, with clean air, sunny days and high temperatures.


Redding is close to everything

Redding is also within reach of many getaway options, including Napa Valley, wine country and Mt. Shasta, which offers snow skiing only 45 minutes away. You also have fairly easy access to the ocean with a 3 hour trip from Redding.


Redding has the best people

Perhaps the most important benefit for your personal life in Redding is the people. If you are accustomed to life in the city, the friendliness and courtesy of the people in Redding might just take you by surprise.


Find Well Paying Jobs in Redding

There are also many benefits to working in Redding to be considered as well. Not the least of these is the average salaries, which are quite impressive for an area outside of the city. The income per capita is $23,763 but is higher for specific jobs, such as an operations manager ($85,945), retail store manager ($50,000) or registered nurse ($81,389)


The economy is diversified in Redding, with a number of healthcare, retail, professional and tourism services available. The highest percentage of employment is in the management, business and finance sector.


New Industries Moving To Redding 

Redding sometimes has the reputation for being a lumber mill town, but for the past two decades, they have largely gotten away from it. Not only are they the medical hub for the far North in California with two major hospitals, they are also a major retail center and headquarters for a number of regional government operations. Even tech companies, including Axcient and Tegile Systems, from Silicon Valley are moving part of their sales operations to Redding.



You really aren't limited when it comes to employment choices in Redding. The biggest decision you need to make is where you are going to work. The choice to work in Redding and to relocate to the area is really one that offers many benefits. Those benefits can be seen, not only in the finances of your decision but in the benefits to your lifestyle as well.


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